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Sylvans Revealed

As a reclusive society of intelligent forest-dwelling races, The Sylvans have traditionally kept to themselves, and considered anything that transpires outside of their domain to not be of their concern. However, after The Second Fall, and the subsequent splintering of the Elven race, The Sylvans have taken a more aggressive stance in protecting their interests.

Prior to the Great Elven Schism, the Sylvans possessed a strange combination of monarchy and representative democracy, but since that time have decided that too much power in one person's hand is to be avoided. In times of peace, the Sylvans are lead by a little seen council of the leaders of each race. However, in times of war, Wardens, usually Elven, are appointed, and given wide discretion to execute rather vague objectives handed down by the council. These Wardens, unlike the slow-moving and bureaucratic council, are as quick to respond to dangers to the forest as a Dark Elven merchant is to swindle and unwitting customer, and as relentless as an agitated Shade Tyrant.

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