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Sylvans Revealed

Oak Spider

Thanks to the empathy that Forest Nymphs share with many woodland creatures, the Sylvans have access to a fairly common, and highly dangerous creature: The Oak Spider. Unlike a usual spider, which is seldom larger than an inch across and a tenth of an ounce in weight, Oak Spiders are often five or even six feet wide, and weigh as much as fifty pounds.

Like some smaller spiders, an Oak Spider can spray its prey with a lethal contact toxin that can slay any creature unfortunate enough to be in its path. Although the range of this spray is limited, it can hit several creatures at a time. Fortunately, Oak Spiders employed by the Sylvans only affect the enemy, as various subspecies of the Oak Spider each have a unique venom, for which exists a specific anti-toxin. Friendly units are always outfitted with the appropriate anti-toxins, so as to make combined use of Oak Spiders and other forces feasible. Oak Spiders are also capable of jumping great distances, which is a highly valued ability around short cliffs and small rivers.

Although Oak Spiders satisfy the role of a short-ranged artillery unit, they diverge from similar units, such as the Dire Changling, through their reasonable level of mobility. Oak Spiders are arguably the most dangerous of the Sylvan units because they combine sickening amounts of damage potential along with the power of mobility. Even so, most Elven commanders keep Oak Spiders supported by other troops, usually ranged or artillery units, so as to provide protection against skirmisher, ranged troops and artillery, which have traditionally enjoyed a strong advantage against Oak Spiders.

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