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Strifeshadow - Tournament Edition

Below you can find a number of still images from the game. You can also look at a gallery of animated gameplay shots which demonstrate various things about the game.

Recent Screenshots

An onslaught of Sylvan forces attacks a fortified Accursed position...
And fail, allowing the Accursed to score a relatively indecisive victory, with great casualties on both sides. The position is secure for now -- but might not survive additional attacks.

Dark Elven forces assail a Sylvan encampment, striking suddenly with vicious Moag Raiders and mysterious Chaos Manowars. While the Moag Raiders spearhead the assault, the Manowars encase particularly dangerous foes in Chaos Pockets, and slay others outright, immolating them with lightning strikes.
A Dark Elven Dame accompanied by an unseen Gremlin Grenadier observe from a safe distance, as Gremlin Carvers driven into a rage by her magic test an Accursed stronghold's defenses. Light air support provides an additional threat to the unfortunate Accursed forces.

Swarms of Dark Locusts, accompanied by gargantuan Fell Dragons, waylay a vulnerable Sylvan position. Nymphs try to forestall the inevitable with the spell Balance, while rangers mill about in vain, unable to counter the attacks from above. A shielded ghost ship looms ominously, preparing to unload its deadly cargo to finish the job the Fell Dragons have begun.
The start menu of Strifeshadow.

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