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Strifeshadow - Tournament Edition

Strifeshadow is a Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy(RTS) computer game set in a fantasy world. It runs on the Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP platforms

  • What is a Real-Time Strategy game?
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    While remaining true to the RTS genre, Strifeshadow sets itself apart from other RTS games in three key ways: Strategic depth in gameplay, an emphasis on involved battles and tactical control, and a variety of community-oriented features.

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    Strategic depth in gameplay is a somewhat elusive concept, but it is what primarily separates a good RTS from a great RTS. A game that is strategically deep always leaves the player with valid choices to make at any given moment. Strifeshadow has a number of features in place to make this possible, and keep the player busy making significant decisions and formulating strategies.

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    In most RTSes, the overwhelmingly vast majority of the players time is spent in anticipation of battles. Usually, a typical RTS game results in players building bases and troops the majority of their time in anticipation of the final "big battle" which in most cases lasts fifteen or thirty seconds at most. Not only that, but the final battle is typically a big swirling melee in which the player cannot easily make useful tactical decisions. Battles are one of the key components of the elusive "fun factor" when it comes to RTS games. Strifeshadow is designed to increase the frequency of military encounters, and give the player a set of features so that they can exhibit more control over the outcome.

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    We at Ethermoon understand that players today do far more than simply 'play the game', so Strifeshadow features several diversions to keep idle minds busy. Strifeshadow comes packaged with game recording and a utility to annotate games. This will allow players to look at "the pros" strategies, reflect back on their games, and even write tutorials. Strifeshadow is also being shipped with a complete toolset to allow for fan-created expansions to the game. In addition, there are a number of tournament and league features present in order to foster competitive gaming, which is a major part of any gaming community.

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    Strifeshadow requires a Pentium 2 300Mhz processor (or equivilent) or faster and 64MB of RAM. A modern AGP 3D card (e.g. TNT, Geforce, Vodoo3+, ATI Rage/Radeon, etc) is highly recommended, but not required. Strifeshadow also requires Microsoft DirectX 8.0, which is included on the Strifeshadow CD.

    Not one for words? Check out the Animated Gameplay Images Gallery to see how some of Strifeshadow's cooler features work in the game..
    Strifeshadow was an Independant Games Festival Finalist in 2001.

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