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Strifeshadow - Tournament Edition

Strifeshadow Features

In addition to the typical features you would expect any RTS game to have, Strifeshadow has a number of additional ones that augment the gameplay substantially. Clarifications of the "typical" features, as well as our more innovative features are listed below.

Strategic Depth

  • Multiple interdependent resources & a completely unique resource system.
  • Over 30 completely unique units and 3 races, all of which play very differently. Read more...
  • Dozens of spells, with a wide array of distinct effects.
  • Ritual magic system that gives you incredible power... at incredible risk...
  • Ability to set traps and thwart your foe when they least expect it! Read more...

    Community Features

  • Play over LAN or on the internet for free (with an internet connection).
  • Extensive automated tournament, league and clan support.
  • Annotated game recording and playback.
  • Make your own modifications, maps or total conversions with StrifeEdit.

    Improved Battles & Tactical Features

  • Combat model that rewards a variety of tactical maneuvers Read more...
  • Line-of-sight and terrain elevation combat bonuses.
  • Unit experience levels.
  • Multiple approaches to applying the same units in a single battle.
  • Directional damage bonuses to attack side and rear of units.
  • Melee Engagement feature that allows for delaying actions and screening.

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