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Dark Elves Revealed

Although the Dark Elves, and their Gremlin minions, have designed literately thousands of traps, only a few are used with any regularity due to their superior cost-effectiveness.

The most common of these traps is the Sprung Spikes Trap. Using a simple pressure plate system, the Sprung Spikes Trap, as the name would imply, shoots several large spikes out of the ground when triggered. Of course, the Gremlins have put the triggering on a slight delay, which ensures that more than one victim is often claimed by the vicious contraption. Naturally, Dark Elven troops are made aware of the placement of their own traps, and do not activate them. Because it is unlikely that enemy forces would fall for the same Sprung Spikes Trap twice, the mechanical components are made very cheaply -- so cheaply that they fail after one use.

Another favorite is the Pain Minaret. Although the Pain Minaret does not directly cause damage, it greatly aids in both ambushing the enemy, as well as in defending valuable buildings. By emitting a field of excrutiating pain similar to the Dame's Agony spell (and in fact derived from the same magics), the Pain Minaret greatly reduces an enemy force's ability to both fight and move. The Pain Minaret is only active when enemy forces are near, and draws upon a non-regenerating magic resevoir to create its painful effect.

Although not really a trap, the Ambush Cellar isn't really a building either. It is essentially a small excavation in the earth, hidden by a camouflaged trap door. It is often used to hide critical forces, such as Warlocks capable of casting Shrapmetal, to lead the enemy into a false sense of security when attacking an important position. It can also be used by a cunning Warlord to cut off an enemy troop movement at an inconvenient time, or lure enemy forces towards a "target of opportunity". Some Warlords play a game of reverse psychology by not building any Ambush Cellars at all, but making it look like they might be. This sometimes forces the enemy to waste valuable time intensively searching for them, and being overly cautious when attacking or moving troops.

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