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Strifeshadow - Tournament Edition

At Ethermoon Entertainment, we feel that a strong community is the backbone of a successful and popular game. In order to enhance the community that grows around Strifeshadow, we have done a number of things.

The most important of these things is that Strifeshadow has a number of features that will greatly encourage a strong community. One of these features is our comprehensive game recording system. This feature allows the user to record games they have played, and then annotate them in a variety of ways. They can then keep these for their own records, to track their play, or give them to others. Such a feature allows new players to learn from the best right away, rather than having to work their way up to having an actual game with the best. Watching a playback is in many ways more illustrative of playing techniques than playing a game against an expert anyway since you can watch both sides very closely, not just your own. We will be including a number of tutorial recordings with the game, in order to assist new users integrate cleanly into the community as well.

Another feature we have included to improve our community is automated tournament and league support. By including the ability to automatically record game results on a central server, and including a number of management utilities associated with this, we give players a competitive environment in which to play. In addition, we have a game observer mode built in to Strifeshadow, which unlike most games, does not contribute to game lag substantially. Observing games is a popular thing to do in other RTSes, but almost none have built in observer support, much less low-lag observer support.

StrifeEdit, the editor used to input all game data
StrifeEdit, the tool with which all game data was entered, is included with Strifeshadow. StrifeEdit allows users to create their own races, units and maps in addition to doing a number of miscellaneous things such as overhauling the interface graphics or replacing sound and music. Fans who are interested will find all the tools the production team used at their own disposal to modify the game, or extend it in their own, unique way. In order to help provide a context for mods and total conversions created by fans, Strifeshadow has an extensive back story.

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