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Sylvans Revealed

Divan Chair

Traditionally, the Sylvans have not relied on aerial transport, because forest canopies make such movement difficult. In the past, Rocs and Griffons were used on an extremely infrequent basis to carry small amounts of troops over significant distances or barriers.

After the Second Fall, the Sylvans were forced to find alternative means to transport troops over mountains and seas, in order to support their more outward view. This was primarily due to the fact that Rocs and Griffons are both carnivorous creatures, and require a large amount of food to maintain. In addition, Rocs and Griffons are somewhat difficult to control over extended periods of time. The Sylvan solution was to use life magics to conjure the Divan Chair, which is essentially a living construct that is capable of ferrying significant numbers of Sylvan units at a high speed.

Divan Chairs are deployed in large numbers both to carry units quickly to the front lines, as well as to initiate island assaults. Although the Divan Chair has a lower capacity than transports such as the Ghost Ship or Chaos Manowar, and is more fragile as well, its low cost and fast movement rate more than make up the difference.

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