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Sylvans Revealed


Seldom seen by mortals in times past, the sight of a Unicorn alongside the Sylvan forces is scarcely a surprise nowadays. At the Battle of Forest's End, the Sylvans fought a desperate battle to keep Accursed forces led by the Shade Tyrant Kynos out of The Great Forest.

Just as all appeared to be lost, a herd of Unicorns appeared along the Accursed flank, ripping through countless Skeletal Slashers and Dire Changlings. Finding themselves without a main battle line, the Accursed forces fell into disarray. The Sylvans rallied, and slew at least three quarters of the Accursed forces, sending a grevously wounded Kynos fleeing the battle. In the days to come, the Sylvans pushed The Accursed blight all the way past The Burning Hills, where they remain even to this day.

Since that battle, Unicorns have stood ready to protect their forest directly, and have willingly taken to aiding the Sylvans. Their speed, which is similar to that of a normal horse, allows them to traverse terrain quickly, making them both fast to strike and retreat. In addition, their magical horn allows them to shoot bolts of energy against their foes at moderate range, making them a powerful skirmisher.

But what makes Unicorns an asset above all other Sylvan units is their abillity to teleport over a substantial distance at a whim. This allows them to both close in on an unsuspecting enemy faster, as well as to make a particularly expeditious retreat. Unicorns have become the bane of infantry everywhere, as they strike without warning, and leave before the enemy can easily respond.

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