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Sylvans Revealed


Wyverns are dreaded as one of the most relentless forest predators known to exist. But like most beasts, they can be trained to obey a master' at least most of the time. Wyverns, often called Forest Dragons, share many common traits with their distant Dragon cousins.

Like ordinary Dragons, Wyverns possess a potent breath weapon; Wyverns can breathe a corrosive mustard-colored gas which is capable of melting just about anything, be it flesh, bone or even Ikon-Steel alloys. They also command a potent magical ability, which allows them to instantaneously teleport to a pre-designated "anchor point".

Given these powerful abilities, it is little surprise that some Elven Rangers have taken it upon themselves to rear and train Wyvern hatchlings to serve their cause. Wyverns are typically deployed to counter enemy fliers, as well as to make surgical strikes upon valuable enemy troops and locations. Between their fast rate of movement, and their ability to teleport enormous distances, Wyverns make dangerous foes. It is not uncommon to see a group of Wyverns assault an Aether network, only to teleport, and assault another miles away as enemy reinforcements stream in. Fighting Wyverns is difficult indeed'

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