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Sylvans Revealed

Sylvan Elf Chronomancer

Sylvan Elves have always preferred subtle, difficult to master magics over the "immature" and flashy magics used by the Dark Elves, The Accursed and the presumably extinct Humans. No type of magic is more subtle or difficult to master than Chronomancy, and only the Sylvan Elves can claim to have any understanding of it.

Unlike the Warlock's magic, which produces results here and now, the effects of a Chronomancer's magic are not as readily apparent, as they fundamentally change reality, subtly twisting the laws of physics to accomplish an effect. Among the most common spells cast by Chronomancers on the battlefield is Expedience. Expedience subtly alters the flow of time around a group of units, allowing them to move and act substantially faster. Expedience can make an Elf run as fast as a horse, or a horse move like a blur. Along the same vein, Chronomancers can also wield the difficult Time Stop. This powerful ritual spell halts the flow of time for all but a few units, which are effectively moved "out of time" for a few seconds. During these few seconds, the affected units can move and act normally, giving them a dreaded advantage over their foes who are frozen and unable to act.

Chronomancers are not limited to spells of purely offensive potential, however. The ritual spell Reality Disjunction bends space and time with carefully applied magical energies, creating a two-way rift between two points. This is useful both to provide a solid escape route for a besieged force, as well as to provide a means to circumvent enemy defenses and blockades completely.

Chronomancers are typically deployed to provide support for a wide array of other units. Although Chronomancers are hardly a threat by themselves, they are easily the most valuable unit in the Sylvan forces when used in combination with a well-balanced army.

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