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Sylvans Revealed

Forest Nymph

Life magics are among the most difficult to master, with few mortal spellcasters able to do much more than slightly accelerate healing, or simply stop bleeding. However, to Forest Nymphs, who are innately magical creatures of the forest, the mastery of life magic comes easily.

As reclusive creatures, most Forest Nymphs are never seen by mortals. However, a small number associate with the Sylvans and work with them to oppose The Accursed, countering the power of death with the power of life. Of the many spells known by Forest Nymphs, the most commonly used is Purify, which heals a creature as well as purging any magical effects present upon it. A similar, but much more powerful spell, is a ritual which causes rapid regeneration in all affected creatures. Because of the deep empathy that Nymphs share with life, they have a supernatural awareness of their surroundings, and can extend these for a time using a spell commonly referred to as "land lore". On the offensive front, Forest Nymphs can cast Balance, a spell which enforces the concept that hurting others hurts oneself.

Although Forest Nymphs are often protected in Sylvan bases while healing retreating units, they are sometimes deployed near the front, as in-battle healing and the casting of balance can easily turn defeat into victory.

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