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Sylvans Revealed


Treants are an ancient race of sentient trees who have been an integral part of the Sylvans since The First Fall. While the idea of a sentient tree may seem far-fetched, and the notion of a tree chasing down an Elf or undead Human may seem even more unlikely, both are demonstrated by a Treant.

Although Treants spend most of their lives rooted into the ground like normal trees, during certain stages of their life they can unroot themselves and walk the earth. Treants are a sort of avatar of the forest with both sizable intellegence, and the power of mobility. Treants typically refer to themselves as "Earth Servants", and while possessing an individual identify, are inexorably bound to the forest in both life and death.

Treants are considered to be among the most wise creatures to grace the world, and spend most of their time contemplating philosophical issues. In Sylvan politics, Treants typically advocate a conservative and cautious approach at first, but once they believe they understand a situation, they favor strong and decisive action. In times of peace, they often find themselves at odds with the Elves and Fey creatures, while at war, Treants sometimes make even vengeful Wardens look soft-hearted.

When physically provoked into action, Treants move as quickly as a Moag or a Unicorn, covering considerable distances before having to rest. Similarly, with their gigantic limbs, they can strike down buildings, shatter siege engines, and slay smaller creatures with relative ease.

Although Treants lack great numbers, each being a rarity among thousands of ordinary Oaks and Pines, even one Treant is a show of force. They are typically dispatched against lightly armored ranged units, such as Spectral Archers and Dark Elven Marksmen, as well as against prone siege units, such as Bone Juggernauts and Gremlin Grenadiers. Unfortunately, although they can defeat individual soldiers, swarms of them can overcome Treants effectively.

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