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Sylvans Revealed

Vale Avatar

Vale Avatars are mysterious beings which appear to defend the land only in extreme cases. Although often called "Spirit Wardens" and "Forest Avengers", "Vale Avatar" is preferred because these creatures most frequently appear deep in the secret vales of the forest, where its power is strongest.

Once summoned, Vale Avatars exact great vengeance upon their foes, summoning up devastating bolts of energy that devastate land-borne creatures. Although Vale Avatars are not capable of air-to-air engagement, their devastating air-to-ground abilities more than compensate. In addition, the mere sight of an imposing Vale Avatar bolsters the resolve and courage of Sylvan units, causing marked increases in battlefield performance.

Vale Avatars are typically deployed sparingly, since summoning them is extraordinarily difficult. When deployed, they allow the Sylvans to counter siege units, such as Bone Juggernauts.

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