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Sylvans Revealed

Sylvan Elf Ranger

Although the foot soldiers of other races know little but the ways of war, Elven Rangers are each the product of dozens, if not hundreds of years of training. Not only do they possess unmatched skill with their gleaming scimitars, but they are experienced outdoorsmen, and are as well versed as any scholar in animal and plant lore.

While the Dark Elves base their infantry around sophisticated technology, and The Accursed base their infantry around the enhancements of infernal magic, the Sylvan Ranger depends on his wits above all else. What their blades may lack in raw damage ability, Rangers make up for with the finesse and speed with which they wield them. Wearing but light armor, Rangers again use their quick wits to survive for as long as their counterparts on the battlefield, planning for an enemy's attacks before they even begin. But where Rangers truly shine is in their vastly superior mobility. Dense forests, rocky ground, and treacherous marshes are all the same thing to a Ranger -- a convenient way to get from one place to another. While other infantry troops suffer slow-downs in many types of terrain, a Ranger all but ignores such restrictions, taking advantage of their light armor and vast experience with the wilderness.

Rangers are deployed for a number of roles by Sylvan Wardens. Besides the typical duties of infantry units, which include defensive screening of more valuable units, and attacks on ranged units and siege units, Rangers are often deployed for roles traditionally reserved for strike troops in particularly treacherous terrain.

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