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Sylvans Revealed

Sylvan Elf Scout

Female elves are typically slightly more nimble but not as strong as male elves. As a result, female warrior Elves are typically archers. Although strength is normally extremely important in using a bow, Sylvan Long Bows are made of living wood, which actively helps the user draw it.

Although a Scout's longbow has considerably longer range than the shortbows used by Spectral Archers and the hand crossbows preferred by Dark Elven Marksmen, this range is seldom seen. Scouts typically use broadhead arrows, which greatly reduce the range of the weapon but cause more severe wounds. In rare cases, Scouts are outfitted with flight arrows, which allow them to shoot nearly as far as light siege engines.

Scouts are primarily deployed to support infantry formations, protect siege weapons, and on occasion, dismantle static defenses at a distance.

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