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Sylvans Revealed


Among the least understood creatures in existence, the Will-o-Wisp appears as a throbbing set of dancing lights. What is known is that they are an embodiment of pure aether, and possess powerful magical abilities and higher intelligence. When willing, Wisps can be summoned, and gladly fight against The Accursed, the victory of which would spell their subversion into Tainted Wisps.

Although Wisps possess no direct attacks, their command of magic allows them to pose a considerable threat to enemy forces. The most commonly used of these spells is Restrain. Restrain binds a target in semi-sentient magical chains, which do not interfere with the target's movement, but rather its ability to attack. The chains sense aggression and magically suppress such urges when they surface. In addition, Wisps can unleash aether, which causes an enemy spellcaster to rapidly lose spell ability, in addition to some measure of life.

These two abilities make Wisps particularly suited to opening up islands for direct drops by Divan Chairs, both by temporarily nullifying static and mobile defenders, and rendering enemy spellcasters useless (or dead). Wisps are sometimes employed over land as well, to silence artillery units or surgically remove threatening spellcasters.

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