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The Accursed

Tainted Wisp

While common Wisps are essentially Aether given form, Tainted Wisps are Strifeshadow given form; While common Wisps prefer lush areas, thick with life, Tainted Wisps prefer blighted wastelands; While common Wisps are wholly natural, Tainted Wisps are wholly unnatural.

Conjured with sophisticated magics wielded by the powerful Shade Tyrants, Tainted Wisps are magical constructs unlike any other. Like their Shade Tyrant creators, Tainted Wisps have considerable magical abilities. The most commonly used of these is its ability to form bolts of tainted energy that can slow down and weaken targets. Though this attack does minimal damage, it is still extraordinarily useful in that it aids other accursed forces, such as the Dark Locust, to close in and make an easy kill. Tainted Wisps also have the ability to form a protective, magical shield around a friendly unit which absorbs considerable damage before failing.

This latter ability does not come without a price, however. It feeds off of the Tainted Wisp's energy, making the shielding ability a suicidal action. Although it is clear to living sages that this doesn't have to be the case, the Shade Tyrants have made it so for some unfathomable reason. Due to their short expected lifespan, stemming from their fragile nature and sacrificial ability, Tainted Wisps are conjured in droves in order to prepare troops for battle or to provide massed support. Though not powerful stand-alone units, a well-balanced Accursed legion always contains numerous Tainted Wisps.

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