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The Accursed

Returning from beyond the grave, The Accursed are a collection of Strifeshadow-tainted entities that walk the face of the world, ceaselessly plotting their revenge against the living, and spreading their life-subverting taint.

When Strifeshadow overcomes a living creature, the Aether comprising its life-force is subverted. While Aether normally escapes a dying creature, returning to nature, Strifeshadow prevents this process, trapping the life-force within. As a result, The Accursed are the living dead and consequently are a huge threat to the cycle of life and death. When a tainted creature is damaged to the point where it is physically impossible for it to move, it has effectively become living debris, taking Aether from nature permanently. The existence of The Accursed is slowly taking its toll on the world, trapping Aether, the source of all life, into an undying, but hardly living, existence.

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