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The Accursed

Accursed Avenger

The Accursed Avenger is the pinnacle of what basic re-animation magics can accomplish. Unlike the Skeletal Slasher, the Avenger is a powerful creature possessing both the relentlessness of The Accursed, and the fury of a living warrior. While all Accursed harbor hatred towards the living, none express it as violently as the Avenger.

In battle, Avengers often enter a berserk state, during which they strike with greater speed, and run at a seemingly impossible rate. After this short burst of energy, Avengers are very drained, and act slowly for a time.

This very fury, which grants Avengers the ability to plow through legions of foes, also renders them not especially aware of their own well being. Due to their nature, Avengers are typically deployed as strike troops, and are best protected by Skeletal Slashers or defensive magics such as the Tainted Wisp shielding ability.

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