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The Accursed

Dark Locust

Just like their living cousins, Dark Locusts are harbingers of death and a disease. Unlike their living cousins, Dark Locusts consume virtually everything in their path, destroying not only crops and lush vegetation, but all manner of creatures, from the smallest field mouse to the largest savanahh Elephant. Simply speaking, they are a plague waiting to be unleashed upon the land. However, unlike a normal plague that passes with its victims, Dark Locusts continue their ravenous existence, made eternal by Strifeshadow.

Though a swarm of these creatures sweeping away all life in an area in moments is frightening to behold, it is only seldom seen. Dark Locusts are rarely allowed to live up to their full potential -- the power or powers ruling The Accursed keep them on a short leash. Some speculate that even the leadership behind the Accursed has some slight respect for the land, while others believe that Dark Locusts must be carefully controlled out of fear they become too powerful.

Regardless of why they act in the manner they do, Dark Locusts are formidable foes, darting in and out of battle while feeding off the blood of their victims, growing stronger with every passing moment. Their only weakness is that they must be in close quarters to attack their quarry. In order to bridge this deficiency, Tainted Wisps are generally dispatched in larger numbers along with Dark Locusts, as they are capable of slowing down targets, laying the table for a Dark Locust feeding frenzy.

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