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The Accursed


The Blightstone is a device of immense power that strikes terror into the hearts of the living. While most of The Accursed are the formerly living, whose lifeforce has been twisted into or replaced by Strifeshadow, the Blightstone is effectively artificial life. Blightstones are constructed with simple transmutation and shaping magics that breath life, or at least The Accursed's version of it, into commonly occurring volcanic rock. The spell has been so heavily researched by the Shade Tyrants that even those not trained in magic can use it. Consequently, Zombie Thralls programmed in the use of the spell are generally used to construct Blightstones.

Of course, the resulting creature must still be given a will, and to do this, the remains and spirit of an intelligent creature are magically linked to the Blightstone. The resulting artificial life-form is yet another step away from the living, as distant from its Accursed cousins, and The Accursed are from the living. It is capable of manipulating and channeling life-energies with relative ease. The most commonly used application of this is the channeling of Strifeshadow-tainted Aether to create new Accursed. Blightstones can raise Skeletal Slashers, Spectral archers and even Dire Changlings with relative ease. Blightstones can draw the spirits needed to accomplish this either from the long dead, or by the preferred and less expensive method method: freshly dead spirits. A Blightstone in close proximity to a dying creature takes in a portion of its soul, saving it for later use.

An additional power, of tactical importance, is its ability to continually drain the lifeforce of foes, while at the same time, healing its allies, be they living or dead. Unfortunately, this power only works when the Blightstone is attached to the earth. Air sweeps away the taint it radiates, preventing a substantial buildup; when rooted in the ground, the taint can accumulate in the surrounding earth, effectively allowing its power to reach into nearby creatures.

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