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The Accursed

Zombie Thrall

At a glance, it seems unlikely that Zombie Thralls could be useful for anything save the most simple tasks. Constructing traps, or even buildings, seems to be an unlikely feat for an unintelligent, animated corpse. Though Zombie Thralls are completely soulless and are essentially unthinking biological machines, they make up for their lack of intelligence with their capacity to follow specific orders much more accurately than a living creature could ever hope to.

Magic is powerful indeed when cast perfectly, and Zombie Thralls, though they lack the capacity to cast complicated spells, can cast simple spells with a level of perfection that only the most adept Shade Tyrants, Warlocks, Chronomancers and Archmages can attain. As a result, Zombie Thralls construct buildings not through manual labor, but instead by scribing runes into the earth which then create the building through magical means. One such example of this work can be seen in the construction of the Strifeshadow Node. Unfortunately, animating the formerly living is much too difficult for a Thrall to manage since spirits are far too unpredictible for scripted magic.

Although constructing buildings is the Thrall's primary task, it can also serve as a beast of burden, carrying Ikon and Arikon back from mines. Spells are also cast on it to give its masters awareness of traps that it passes by, making it a useful scout.

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