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The Accursed

Strifeshadow Node & Focus

Strifeshadow Nodes, as the name implies, are focal points for Strifeshadow, drawing in and purifying it from nearby areas. Although only the malevolent, reddish colored gem found atop these structures actually collects and focuses Strifeshadow, the entire building is refered to as a Strifeshadow Node out of convenience. Constructed by Zombie Thralls via a powerful rune, Strifeshadow Nodes represent the next step up in Accursed magic, allowing the training of Necromancers, and eventually Shade Tyrants.
By providing convenient testing chambers near the Strifeshadow channeling gem, both fledgling Necromancers and adept Shade Tyrants can hone their skills, gradually increasing their control and command over Strifeshadow. Living quarters are also provided for both of these dreadful spellcasters, as they require proximity to pure Strifeshadow to maintain their powers at peak effectiveness.
The mysterious rune used to construct Strifeshadow Nodes

But the Strifeshadow Node alone is not enough to sate the appetite for power of a Shade Tyrant; a more advanced version of the structure, the Strifeshadow Focus, is required. Identical to the Node in nearly every way, the Focus differs only in its ability to draw in Strifeshadow -- the gem atop the structure is magically altered and enhanced, so as to draw in literately magnitudes more Strifeshadow.

This Transformation takes considerable time, and even more considerable resources to perform. But this price is paid time and time again, for Necromancers and Shade Tyrants are indispensable to the Accursed war effort.
The Strifeshadow-channeling gem absorbing energy at peak capacity.

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