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The Accursed Revealed

Unlike the Dark Elves, The Accursed have never relied heavily on deceit and deception. Even so, they recognize that it has its place in war. More importantly, The Acccursed know better than anyone else that if you can't beat them, join them. This was particularly clear when they followed the Elven lead in their development of several types of traps and battlefield obstacles.

Caustic Ooze Trap
By generating a pool of caustic ooze when triggered, this magical trap can greatly hinder enemy advances. Searing away skin, flesh and even bone in but moments, this fiendish arcane construction is a terror to all types of creatures. Even when not present, the existence of such traps force those who oppose The Accursed to proceed with patience and caution -- And no one can beat The Accursed when it comes to a contest of patience.

Fear Seed
The Accursed war strategy depends on forcing the enemy "into the grind". After all, with Dire Changlings, Bone Juggernauts and Skeletal Slashers, a prepared Accursed army is in good shape against any land assault. Sometimes though, faster units can snip away at the flanks, slowly widling down the otherwise unstoppable force. To remedy this, the Fear Seed was developed. The Fear Seed fills its victims with overwhelming panic, causing them to be unable to do anything but stand in place, left a sitting duck for Spectral Archers and Bone Juggernauts. This has proved particularly effective both at augmenting already formidable base defenses, as well as proving a deterrent to Moags, Moag Raiders, and other fast-attacking ground forces.

Bone Spur
Although not a trap, the Bone Spur is a testament to The Accursed's ability to make use of any formerly living material. By using battered bones, too damaged to animate into Slashers, The Accursed can magically fuse them into a battlefield obstacle. Several Bone Spurs can plug a chokepoint or a ramp, while Bone Spurs can also restrict travel through gaps between buildings. When used properly, Bone Spurs can force enemy troops to follow a particular route -- one that can easily involve Bone Juggernauts raining down fiery death, or one laced with various traps.

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