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The Accursed

Fell Dragon

Fell Dragons are known to be both incredibly vicious, and of incredible guile and intelligence. Unlike ordinary Dragons, Fell Dragons have voluntarily afflicted themselves with Strifeshadow in order to both become more powerful, and extend their lifespan from twenty five thousand years, to forever. The oldest Dragons in the world are Fell Dragons, since many of the most venerable living Dragons converted themselves during the first fall, over five millennia ago. A scant few claim to be even older, such as the dreaded Deslykranox, who both maintains that he is over three hundred thousand years old, and claims to remember the days when the Elves were savages.

While most Dragons can only breath fire, Fell Dragons can also breath a black, Strifeshadow-derived mist that rapidly triggers decay and rot in anything it touches. This attack is extremely effective at destroying targets at long range, but also at breaking fortified positions open. Unfortunately, this is very taxing on the Dragon, and can only be done occasionally. Fortunately, Fell Dragons can also engage targets by biting them with their huge maw, or by breathing fire.

Although the older Fell Dragons bring new meaning to the word "cautious", and are never seen on the front lines of a battlefield, Shade Tyrants can summon a willing Dragon from Beyond, and animate them into Fell Dragons. These Dragons are deployed sparingly, as the cost of summoning them is great for a body must be created; Dragon bone is a magical composite of Ikon, Arikon and normal bone. Nonetheless, the cost is well worth it, for even one Fell Dragon can easily turn the tide of battle, be it in the skies, or on the ground.

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