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The Accursed

Spectral Archer

While Skeletal Slashers retain the remnants of their bodies, Spectral Archers are lost souls given a substance in the world of the living once more. Even the sagely Chronomancers are not certain why this is possible, but speculate that the minute residual presence of Strifeshadow from The First Fall may have led to the occasional creation of a lost soul. Over thousands of years, this has added up to a significant number -- significant enough for Blighstones to be designed to exploit this valuable resource.

Driven to insanity by centuries or even millennia of purposeless wandering in between their death and re-birth, Spectral Archers still retain great intelligence. Utterly fearless and always willing to fight to the death (again), they shoot fiery bolts of energy at their foes until they fall, or until The Accursed are victorious. Their hold on reality is tenuous at best, however, and after sustaining substantial damage they will rapidly deteriorate and fade from existence forever, getting in one or two last shots against the living they hate so.

Spectral Archers are deployed to support legions of Skeletal Slashers, as well as to provide support against flying units. Although they are not particularly powerful by themselves, they can be produced in substantial numbers.

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