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The Accursed

Bone Juggernaut

Able to hurl its devastating payload farther than any other siege engine in the world, the Bone Juggernaut has struck untold fear into the hearts of the living. Designed and manufactured by Accursed formerly-Human engineers using the equipment and magical devices of the Ebon Boneworks, the Bone Juggernaut combines the finest of the Human race's technology, with the unholy power of Strifeshadow. The Bone Juggernaut also has the advantage of unassisted mobility, unlike the early Human cannon designs it was based on.

By trapping multitudes of souls too weak to be reanimated into the artificially created giant skull, and prodding them to act through powerful magics, the Bone Juggernaut exhibits as much intelligence as most Skeletal Slashers and other simple animated creatures. It also is capable of healing, which is a unique advantage it holds over all other siege engines. Perhaps the most innovative improvement The Accursed have added to the Bone Juggernaut is ironically not in the actual unit, but rather, in the ammunition. Bone Juggernauts can fire either gunpowder-filled cannonballs, which explode violently on impact, or a heavier cannonball, which although less effective against groups of units, is even more effective against primary targets. Combining superior range, extraordinary firepower, and self-maintenance, the Bone Juggernaut is a cornerstone of The Accursed's nefarious plans, whatever they may be.

Due to their superior range, Bone Juggernauts are used primarily to siege enemy forces and to provide fire support. Although the Bone Juggernaut is not particularly mobile, its extreme range allows it to be easily screened, even from other races' strike troops and teleporting units. Although Fell Dragons can break static defenses without risk, the Bone Juggernaut is without equal and preferred in most situations.

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