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The Accursed

Ebon Boneworks

Based off of the simple war machine factory designs of the Fallwick Empire, the Ebon Boneworks differs in that it produces Strifeshadow-imbued constructs instead lifeless, metal machinery.

The availability of an Ebon Boneworks involves a substantial investment by The Accursed, but it is resources well spent. Not only do the Boneworks produce the giant skulls used in the Bone Juggernaut, but they also can modify Blightstones to allow for limited mobility. Both capabilities are integral to The Accursed's campaign to push the living off the face of the world. Without Bone Juggernauts, the living would have a much easier battle to contain Strifeshadow to its point of origin; without mobile Blightstones, expeditionary bases would be unable to relocate when necessary.

Much to the anger of the living races, the Ebon Boneworks emits a large amount of corrosive black smoke in construting its tainted products, which fouls the air for leagues. Between the smoke, and the more diverse forces the Ebon Boneworks enables, it is often a prime target in raids against The Accursed.

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