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The Accursed

Ghost Ship

Sailors have personified their ships for as long as anyone can remember; epics and tales of ships with personalities similar to their stalwart crew are commonplace. However, no one ever thought that ships could actually become a living thing until the appearance of the so-called "Ghost Ship" among the ranks of The Accursed.

Apparently, ships do develop a certain character simply by the crew's belief in the ship's spirit. No one is sure if the crew's personification of the ship attracts a similar spirit to inhabit it, or if the thoughts of the crew give some life to the ship on their own. Although this character never manifests itself normally, and is only detectable by the most sensitive divination magics, the energies that Necromantic magics manipulate are present. Shade Tyrants discovered that by infusing a ship with Aether, and then twisting it with Strifeshadow, they can effectively bring it to "life". Necromancers were taught this technique by their Shade Tyrant masters, and have since summoned a great fleet of such ships to serve The Accursed.

Unlike normal ships, Ghost Ships are able to cross any terrain, albeit at a slow pace. Levitating approximately five to ten feet off the ground, Ghost Ships can be boarded or disembarked quickly. Ghost ships can also levitate much higher for short periods of time, which becomes necessary when negotiating cliffs, or other particularly awkward terrain. Although lacking in maneuverability, much like a normal sea-bound ship, Ghost Ships make up for it in durability. There is no safer transport known, and Ghost Ships are occasionally used by powerful Accursed spellcasters to shield themselves from direct attack.

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