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The Accursed

Skeletal Slasher

Skeletal Slashers, the animated remains of Humans and Elves, make the perfect foot soldier. Not only are they nearly mindless, having only enough intelligence to follow simple orders, but they have an unnatural resilence. It is common to see a Skeletal Slasher arise once or even twice after being completed devastated in combat. This is largely because Strifeshadow doesn't let go of a broken body.

Slashers are somewhat lacking in offensive ability, since they no longer have the physical strength or agility they had in their former life. However, they more than make up for this by their tireless devotion and incredible constitution. They are extremely effective at holding off more powerful living infantry for long periods of time, while Spectral Archers and Bone Juggernaughts rain down death from above.

Slashers are typically animated by a Blightstone, but it is said that Shade Tyrants also possess a powerful ritual that can convert dying living into Skeletal Slashers.

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