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The Accursed

Shade Tyrant

As the thinkers, planners and generals of The Accursed, Shade Tyrants can be seen, albeit indirectly, in everything The Accursed do. Shrouded in mystery, their origins, aims, and full magical capabilities still remain unknown. What is known of them is mostly based on eyewitness accounts and speculation. Efforts to interrogate Accursed prisoners have always met with failure, and none have ever captured a Shade Tyrant.

Though most Shade Tyrants reside in the great citadels Rura Desmor and Rura Modus, some choose to participate in war directly, wielding powerful magics against their unfortunate foes, and summoning mighty beasts of myth and legend. Their most feared spell, which is widely known as Leaping Blight, and occasionally referred to as The Tyrant's Wrath, calls forth a blast of withering, raw Strifeshadow. Once called, the powerful taint leaps from creature to creature, ripping through both the living and The Accursed alike and leaving only a blackened trail of destruction to show for it. While the Dark Elven Shrapmetal lives up to the Dark Elves' reputation by being the most efficient area-damage battle spell in existence, Leaping Blight lives up to its creators reputation as well: it strikes unearthly terror into the hearts of its victims in a way Shrapmetal never will.

But these paragons of unholy power are masters of other magics as well. Shade Tyrants can summon both mighty Fell Dragons and inexplicable Tainted Wisps to serve them. They are also capable of covering a wide area with a a brown, nauseating mist that greatly reduces the effectiveness of enemy units. Although the mists effects are short-term, many still refer to this ability as a "Contagion", because the effects it creates are similar to that of several fatal diseases. Due to its debilitating effects, its tactical effectiveness is substantial... And who better to wield it than Shade Tyrants, who are known to be among the most brilliant generals to have ever existed.

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