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The Accursed

Dire Changling

The Dire Changling is truly a frightening beast to behold. No one is entirely certain what a Dire Changlings are, but the most prevalent theory is that they are the nightmares of thinking creatures, given life by Strifeshadow. And nightmares they are, only slightly more hideous than they are deadly. Dire Changlings are a great boon to the Accursed on the battlefield and not just because to their dreadful appearance or unequaled close-in fighting ability.

Their ability to slay even the most powerful creatures in but a few strikes is greatly enhanced by their ability to shift form, which draws their quarry into a false sense of security. By disguising themselves as Spectral Archers, which are typically targeted by melee troops, they draw in potential victims to short range and then morph into their true form. What typically follows is a fleeing group of infantry or cavalry, and a line of bodies behind.

But Dire Changlings are not without weaknesses. When shifting form, changlings are extremely prone to attack. Furthermore, in their true form, Dire Changlings are immobile -- effectively sitting ducks for longer-ranged units such as archers and artillery. A wise Tyrant deploys Dire Changlings only with support, as they are difficult to replace, and crucial to The Accursed's long-term plans...

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