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Sylavns Revealed

Sylvan Village

A Village is always the center of Sylvan restoration efforts, and is often the first planting in an effort to regenerate a blighted area. Capable of dissipating and manifesting Aether from pools emptied by Sylvan Aether towers, at least one Village is absolutely necessary for any cleansing operation.

Villages also serve as a center for commerce and crafts. Hidden in the nooks of the Village trunks and in caverns under its roots are storage rooms for Ikon and Arikon, as well as workshops for the molding of metals and the production of necessary goods, even those used for war. In such desperate times, the bark of the Village's core trunks will harden and the leaves will thicken to protect the inhabitants from ranged attack.

Of course, the Village is also used for many more mundane and less dire tasks, such as housing bipedal Sylvans and providing a gathering place for those discussing local problems or even conflicts with opposing forces. Some Villages grow to be far grander than others, of course. Those hidden in the safest Sylvan lands often grow significantly in size, and the green foliage is often complimented by expensive works of art. Even the smallest Villages are capable of the necessary functions that keep the land fertile and alive, however, and all are considered both important to defend and important components of defense by Sylvan warriors.

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