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Sylvans Revealed

Vale Shrine

The Sylvan recognize no gods of the type once worshiped by humans and occasionally invoked by the odd Dark Elf. This is not to say they are not religious. Rather, the Sylvans maintain an intense reverence of nature, their worship reaching almost cultish levels among the Elves.

The most extravagant statement of this worship is the planting of a Vale Shrine, usually in or next to an Enchanted Vale. Such a Shrine is an intricate growth, its complexity and vibrancy the source of its wonder, rather than the size and gilt revered by the simple Dark Elves. It is not uncommon for pilgrims to travel leagues to visit a Vale Shrine, and for many rural Elves it forms the most important reason to visit large towns.

Unique legends are told about each Vale Shrine, usually in the form of rare blessings given to fields of crops, or when many babies are born in one year. Where Sylvan lands border those of the Dark Elves or are threatened by the Accursed, tales of beings summoned by nature itself obliterating entire armies are told, although usually with a round of mead and little credence.

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