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Sylvans Revealed

Treetop Sanctuary

Although the name 'Treetop Sanctuary' might apply to many Sylvan plantings, the Sanctuary is distinguishable even in Sylvan towns by its extreme height and the lack of any function related to the ground. Although not terribly interesting from an eye-level point of view, the Treetop Sanctuary can be truly appreciated by looking up.

Looking up is, in fact, a habit to get used to by those who see a Treetop Sanctuary and are not good friends of those that dwell in its towering branches. Wisps are almost always zipping between the leaves and branches, at night giving the impression of an exotic dance performed by stars. The Treetop Sanctuary also provides a protected nesting area for the rare and beautiful Wyverns and rooms for the Faeries who often ferry things from place to place.

The Treetop Sanctuary is often the first part of a Sylvan town seen by travelers, even those not headed to its leafy branches. It is also one of the first plantings looked for by enemy commanders, and grown by Wardens, for the enemies of the Sylvans are often vulnerable to attack from above.

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