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Sylvans Revealed

Sylvan Aether Tower

The simple Aether Tower is the key to the Sylvans' efforts to purify the blighted lands. Aether pools are created through the unnatural concentration of natural energies, thus robbing an area of the life force it needs to be fertile and prosperous. The Sylvans have developed a living Aether Tower that can transmit this life force between Aether Towers and finally to a Sylvan Village.

Once the Aether is collected by the Village, it is put back into the environment, usually through encouraging growth, whether this be in the form of crops or more Villages in which Sylvans live. Occasionally, this dispersion of Aether takes a more direct form in providing the Sylvans with a temporary basis for war, but even this serves the Sylvans' eventual goal: the eradication of all blight on the land, and whatever causes the destruction.

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