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Sylavns Revealed

Elder Oak Grove

What exactly happens in the interior of the Elder Oak Grove is a mystery to all other races. For that matter, it is a mystery to most allied Elves as well. What is known is that the staunch trunk of an Elder Oak means facing the Sylvans' most stalwart defenders.

There is a mystical air around the Elder Oak Grove, as it is a resting place and home to the exotic fighters that form the core of the Sylvan collective. Whether the massive limbs of a devastating Treant, the sudden and unexpected arrival of a small group of Oak Spiders, or the rare glimpses of elusive Unicorns strike the most fear into those that would violate the land the Sylvans protect, it is the inhabitants of these Groves that give the Sylvans their advantage over the other races.

The Elder Oak Grove is a symbol of Sylvan power and uniqueness. Without it, opposing commanders are confident their forces can at least measure equal to the Elven infantry. When the Elder Oak Grove is standing, all of their possessions and minions are under the threat of imminent attack.

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