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Sylvans Revealed

Mystic Grove

The Mystic Grove is often hidden in a Sylvan town, overlooked by visitors and often most of a town's inhabitants. The most common visitor to a Mystic Grove is usually someone who mistook it for an Enchanted Vale, though the two are hardly similar except for the pronunciation of their name in the Sylvan language.

Despite this, the Mystic Grove is one of the plantings insisted upon by Wardens charged with protecting or restoring large areas of land. Simply put, the uncommon visitors and inhabitants of a Mystic Grove are extremely important to the success and preservation of large forces.

For this reason, Mystic Groves are more often found in the areas the land faces its greatest danger, as the few large armies raised by the Sylvans are never without Chronomancers or Forest Nymphs to multiply their effectiveness. Still, the oldest Mystic Groves found in the heart of Sylvan lands are objects of incredible wonder to those who care for them.

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