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Sylvans Revealed

Sylvan Mine

Though Aether is the most valuable and commonly exchanged resource between large groups, Ikon and its derivative, Arikon, are extremely valuable as well. The Sylvans have developed a specialized deep root that can extract either the heavy Ikon or the magical Arikon naturally, producing easily collectible leaves for pickup by Sylvan workers. Both materials are useful for a number of tasks, and have been traded since ancient times. In fact, most higer-value coins are minted with Ikon.

In order to provide steady streams of new Ikon and Arikon, most intellegent races have developed mining technology. Mines typically are configured to either produce Ikon or Arikon. However, converting between them is quick and efficient. When resources are scarce, sometimes a dual-purpose mine is constructed, which produces both, though at reduced efficiency and rate.

Mines produce a steady stream of resources once constructed, which must be transported back to a useful location. Although little effort is needed to transport Ikon and Arikon, delaying transport provides a lucrative opportunity to the enemy. On several occasions, Sylvan strike teams have taken control of a mine with a huge amount of minerals waiting for pickup, allowing them to quickly extract a shocking amount of wealth.

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