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Sylvans Revealed

Enchanted Vale

Some of the Sylvan allies have a connection to an 'otherness' that not even the most learned Chronomancers can explain. While this connection has never been understood, that doesn't keep Wardens from recognizing its power and very real practical consequences. As a result, Enchanted Vales are grown in many Sylvan towns, purely for the magical sense and peace of mind that comes from standing in an Enchanted Vale.

Wisps in particular often light Enchanted Vales for hours on end, spending as much time there as they do in the Treetop Sanctuaries that are their actual home. Another surprising use of these plantings are the frequent town meetings and even defense planning sessions that are conducted within Enchanted Vales. The calm induced by the magical surroundings makes difficult compromises between the various Sylvan allies much easier to reach.

Viewed as a luxury by some, and a necessity by others, Enchanted Vales have nonetheless spread across Sylvan lands. Some of the rarest Sylvans are now only found in the vicinity of such a connection with natural magic.

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