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Sylvans Revealed

Defense Center

Sylvan warriors do not require the fancy gadgetry or powerful coercive enchantments to make them effective and willing to fight. Rather, their renowned effectiveness is due largely to the incredible skill behind the blade and bows they wield. All of this is reflected in the first planting for any Sylvan war operation, the Defense Center.

The Defense Center is a small and simple training center, but it provides all the facilities necessary to train the numerous dedicated Rangers that inhabit threatened Villages. These warriors will often spend their entire days training in a Gazebo or the wilderness nearby, until the terrain master tells them they are ready for service outside of the protected village. The Defense Center is also often visited by Scouts, who make use of the strength training facilities to supplement their accuracy training.

Practically any Village threatened by Dark Elven or Accursed troops will have a Defense Center, and they are also common on purification expeditions into unknown and blighted land. So necessary are they to any Sylvan defense plan that Sylvan elders will not grow any expensive advanced buildings unless a Defense Center is present.

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