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Welcome to the Strifeshadow Support Page!

Welcome to the Strifeshadow technical support area. Click below if you have one of our common questions or issues. NOTE THAT STRIFESHADOW IS NO LONGER OFFICIALLY OR COMMERCIALLY SUPPORTED.

I'm having trouble with LAN play
I need more CD keys
The text is fuzzy/unreadable

I'm having trouble installing the demo :(
The demo crashes when I attempt to connect to GameSpy from within Strifeshadow.
Do I need DirectX 8.1 or is DirectX 8.0 ok?
How do I configure Strifeshadow to work with a router?
Why does the mouse cursor move so slowly?
Why are the graphics and/or text all messed up?
Strifeshadow hangs my system halfway through the game!
Why can't I hear any music?
Strifeshadow tells me that it doesn't have the necessary files to play the game.

If you have a question that is not on this list, or require additional assistance, please send an email to You may also post your question on the Ethermoon Forum however emailed support requests are given a priority over forum support requests.

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