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Dark Elves Revealed

Kobold Slave

Being simple-minded, good-natured, industrious workers, Kobolds are the preferred laborers amongst the Dark Elves. What these semi-sapient dog-men lack in intelligence, they make up for with unquestioning loyalty and an eagerness to serve those who lead their "pack" in whatever capacity is needed.

Although Dark Elves used to favor Gremlin slaves for menial tasks, they found that, unlike the loyalty of a Gremlin, the loyalty of a Kobold can be won by feeding it regular meals and treating it kindly. Praise that would boost the ego of a Gremlin and lead it to rebellion only makes a Kobold more loyal. Particularly intellegent Kobolds, which are the only ones ever seen on or near the battlefield, are given the opportunity to engage in the construction of buildings. In some cases, such Kobolds are even given field engineering tasks, such as removing and setting battlefield traps. In addition to their construction skills, Kobolds play a vital role in Dark Elven society; without slaves, there are no masters.

A Dark Elven war effort without Kobolds is a war effort doomed to failure -- without the capacity to produce vital infrastructure or at least repair damaged weapons of war, the Dark Elves are at a serious disadvantage. Particularly devious Dark Elven commanders make use of other Kobold talents as well. By using a variety of traps to add strength to their ambushes as well as augment base defense, they can acquire that crucial edge that often turns the tide of battle. Cautious commanders also always deploy a few Kobolds in front of their armies in order to disarm traps.

Read about the traps that a Kobold can build.

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