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The Accursed

Accursed Aether Tower

Unlike conventional Aether Towers, the Accursed Aether Tower not only transmits Aether, but processes it for more effective use. "Effective Use" is a subjective thing though, and the Strifeshadow-tainted Aether produced by the tower is hardly useful to the living unless it is purified back into its original form. This proved to be a major problem for Warlord Jurahlas of the Seeking Hand of Ashram and the Shade Tyrant Neraxtanus, the Thrice Revived, who for some months collaborated with each other in a mutual attempt to break away from their superiors. They managed to get around the problem by developing a technique by which the Strifeshadow-tainted Aether transmitted by Accursed Aether Towers can be filtered by a Dark Elven Aether Tower, recovering all of the original Aether, and dissipating the Strifeshadow. As one would expect, this technique has been seldom used since the rogue leaders were deposed by the Dark Elven assassin Kotaran.

Accursed Aether Towers function much like normal Aether towers when transmitting Aether with only a few exceptions. One notable difference is that due to the hold Strifeshadow can have on Aether, the effective transmission range of Accursed Aether Towers is slightly higher than average. Unfortunately though, due to the more sophisticated nature of these infernal Towers, damage done to them is more likely to inhibit the effectiveness of the transmission. Fortunately for The Accursed, this is a valuable tradeoff for them; due to their ability to hold terrain well, having to build fewer Aether Towers amounts to a slight but significant savings which is in turn applied to raising more Accursed...

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