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The Accursed

Spirit Beacon

Centuries of Shade Tyrant research has gone into the art of calling souls to do one's bidding. The Spirit Beacon is one of the first results of that research, allowing Blightstones to call forth Spectral Archers with simple spells.

Despite the fact that one Beacon is plenty to call forth numerous spirits to do a Shade Tyrant's bidding, multiple Spirit Beacons are often seen at Accursed compounds. Some think this means large numbers of disembodied souls waiting to take form has a comforting effect on more solid Accursed. Others believe it has more to do with the ability of Spectral Archers to merge physically and spiritually with the Beacon, giving themselves over to its defense... and the defense of any other Accursed in the vicinity. The latter is certainly seen utilized extensively, as Spirit Beacons are often built solely to protect Aether Tower networks, or hold strategically significant points.

In either case, the living have long since learned that sighting the towers and ramparts of the Spirit Beacon means facing death not only at the swordpoint of unnatural Skeletal Slashers, but from ghostly arrows as well.

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