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The Accursed

Mirror of Beyond

The Mirror of Beyond is perhaps the closest thing the Accursed have to a religious center. A direct link to the very source of Strifeshadow, even the most advanced Shade Tyrants are not quite certain what they are looking at. All they can be sure of is that they gaze upon power beyond mortal understanding, and possibly above all understanding.

As pure a connection to the insidious energies of Strifeshadow as Shade Tyrants are capable of, a Mirror of Beyond will bring about changes in any being deeply connected to the taint. Disturbed Shade Tyrants have found Tainted Wisps summoned near a Mirror to be far different from what they normally call forth. Meetings among they Tyrants have not solved this puzzle, and the Fell Dragons for which the Mirror of Beyond is such a central aspect of life say not a word on the subject.

From afar, the Mirror of Beyond's distinguishing feature is the large metal sculpture of a Fell Dragon rising from the reflective pool that gives the structure its name. The few tainted souls which have ever looked into the Mirror know this is not the case. The vision seen has been known to cow even the proudest Shade Tyrant though no one ever sees the same thing. The Mirror of Beyond is but a rumor to the living races, protected as it is in the center of any Accursed military complex lucky enough to have one. Of course, living forces are rarely in any region with a Mirror of Beyond longer than it takes the Accursed to begin the slaughter.

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