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Dark Elves Revealed

Gremlin Workshop

As a massive factory capable of reproducing nearly all of the Gremlin's finest inventions, the Workshop is a cornerstone of Dark Elven arms production. Specifically, Gremlin Workshops are responsible for producing parts for the Arc Spears of the Gremlin Carver, as well as the siege engine for the Gremlin Grenadier. Gremlin Workshops also produce parts for the many traps used by the Dark Elves in addition to the parts for the Gremlin Turret.

With large machinery powered by a complex system of steam engines and gears, the Gremlin Workshop can produce arms at a rate completely eclipsing a conventional smithy. Steam-powered machinery greatly increases efficiency, causing the Workshop to be economically superior as well. As a result, the Workshop has enabled the Carver and the Grenadier to become efficient weapons of war.

Without a Workshop, Gremlins have no means of obtaining arms with which to fight. Similarly, Dark Elven armies are at a severe disadvantage without the ability to construct traps and Gremlin Turrets to protect their buildings. Workshops also provide the industrial means to produce more sophisticated buildings. Due to the necessity of the Gremlin Workshop, nearly every Dark Elven expedition constructs one.

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