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Dark Elves Revealed

Dark Elven Warlock

The most feared, and certainly most haughty of the Dark Elves, Warlocks have mastered the art of using magic in war. Though Warlocks are adept with a variety of approaches to magic, they primarily use powerful elemental magics as they are best suited to mass destruction. Notoriously arrogant and almost always drunk on their own power, Warlocks feel a constant need to demonstrate their abilities, and awe all they see. The particulars of Dark Elven law give Warlocks license to incinerate, electrocute, disintegrate, or generally maim anyone for something as minor as a prideful step or a slight scowl.

Generally hiding behind a wall of minions, slaves and lackeys in battle, Warlocks prefer to unleash their devastating magics from maximum range, which is actually lower than one might expect. Warlocks favor destructive power and spectacular effects over range and efficiency in choosing their spells. Nonetheless, the Shrapmetal spell is without a doubt one of the most potent combat spells to ever be used. Similarly, the dreaded Cataclysm ritual, which requires several Warlocks working together, is said to be unparalleled in destructive potential. Fortunately for the foes of the Dark Elves, this spell is little seen, since Warlocks will only work together if they absolutely must.

Warlocks, due to their obsession with self-empowerment, can manage to survive alone, and even go out with a blaze of glory when confronted with large amounts of enemy forces. However, they are much more effective when protected by escorting troops. By decimating clustered opponents, Warlocks make an easy clean up job for their escorts. This can sometimes backfire though, as Shrapmetal and Cataclysm hurt friendly units as much as foes; no Warlock will stop his spell in the middle of his glory just because some slave in his war party is being permanently maimed by it...

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