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Dark Elves Revealed

Dark Elven Aether Tower

As the backbone of the Dark Elven economy, Aether tower networks collect and transport Aether from naturally occuring concentrations to Dark Elven settlements. Once Aether has been collected, it can be used for a wide variety of tasks, most related to growing other resources such as lumber or food. Aether, when channeled by a skilled mage, can also be used to fabricate magical materials.

Aether Towers are designed to be both robust and affordable. As one of the most produced and most vital structures built by the Dark Elves, it only makes sense that they are efficient. In peaceful times, Aether towers are constructed of wood and relatively inexpensive materials. However, in war, stone is used, since wood is not very resistant to attack. Stone Aether Towers are also designed to function even when heavily damaged, and can sometimes even manage to transmit when one tower in a network is destroyed. Tomes of strategy have been written on the topic of Aether Tower defense, and it comes as little surprise that the Dark Elven solution to many of the conundrums inherent to large networks is to simply make the structures involved as durable as possible, buying them valuable reaction time and minimizing losses when a single tower is lost.

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